High quality Design Posters

At DESSINA we are filled with unique ideas and creative designs. We make this visible through our graphic posters.


Product Line

In our first product line, we have chosen to focus on children, but we look forward to introducing new posters and product lines. In other words; we have no ambitions to let ourselves be delimited. DESSINA will explore new boundaries in our attempt to make your wall as beautiful and inviting as it deserves.


High quality - Danish production

All our posters are printed in Denmark at our Nordic Swan Ecolabel printing partner. We only use environmentally friendly ecolabelled paper with a thin coating and vegetable ink, that bring out the best quality poster.


Join us

Do you have a store or a webshop? We are always looking for new interesting retail partners.

Send an email to sales@dessina.dk. We are ready to help you get started as our next retail partner.